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Automated Wheel Plant – Synergies

Posted on 7 Apr 2022, Thu


Synergies Casting Oman is a 2040 vision investment between OIFC (Oman Investment Fund Corporation) and Synergies India.

The mandate was to implement an aluminium wheel plant capable of manufacturing 10 000 wheels per day for the new vehicle automotive market.

Originally scheduled to be operational 4th quarter 2020, Phase 1 was implemented in 2019 with all civil works but was halted during the 2020 Covid Pandemic.

130 individual OEMs on site were planned to install all equipment. Due to Covid restrictions, this was not possible and many OEMs were backlogged post restrictions, which resulted in equipment on site but no installation being performed.


Install and commission automated equipment for operation for all sectors and OEM in 8 months, with the first wheel cast in December 2021.

Secondary Brief:

Train Oman local citizens on all aspects of plant operation


1.5 production processes: Melting, Casting, Heat treatment, Machining and Paint

2.Automated Integrated Conveyor System

3.Supporting all auxiliary equipment; Chilling Plant, Compressor, Plant, Dust control and Emissions Control, Exhaust stacks, Dust Extraction, and Power Plant



Existing: Furnace Shell x 4


Installation and commissioning of the following:

1.Refractory Inside Furnace

2.Operating Systems with the link up to IT

3.Operating Equipment on furnaces

4,Gas Lines and Ministry Approval

5.Idex Chip \Recovery and Furnace

6.Dust and Heat Extraction System including GTC and Exhaust Stacks

7.Hot Aluminium Receiving Tilting Platform

8.Ingot Machine


10.Weigh Bridge


Existing: 20 LPDC Machines on a platform


Installation and Commissioning of the following:

1.Integrated Wheel Conveyor

2.Hydraulic Power Packs and Integrated Systems for each LPDC

3.Electrical Supply

4.Gas Supply and Integration

5.PLC Operating Systems

6.High and Low-Pressure Air Supply

7.Robotic Arms for Wheel Feeders

8.Quenching Tanks and System

9.Chilling Plant Supply

10,DE Flashing Machines

11.X-ray Machines

12.Flow Forming Machine

13.Sprue Cutting Machines

14.Wash Plant

15.Zeiss CMM

16.Leak Test Machines

Heat Treatment


Installation and commissioning of the following:

1.Heat Treatment Plant

2.Heat Extraction

3.Gas Lines and Integration including a licence from MOH
Integrated Conveyor System

4.Quench Tanks Pre-Annealing

5.Electrical and IT


Existing: Building Shell no Ceiling no Equipment


Installation and Commissioning of the following:

1.7 cells consisting of 1x CNC machine 1x MC machine and 1x robotic

2.Coolant Cleaning and Refueling System

3.Integrated Automated Chip Conveyor

4.Integrated Automated Wheel Conveyor

5.Temperature-Controlled CNC Machining Enclosure including Aircon and Ceiling

6.5 Ton Overhead Cranes

7.Electrical and IT with Remote Monitoring and Access

Paint Plant

Existing: Building shell and main paint units


Installation and Commissioning of the following:

1. Integrated Conveyor

2. All Electrical, Water and Compressed Air Lines

3. 5 Axis CNC/MC Rework Machine


Existing: zero


Installation and Commissioning of the following:

1. Chilling Plant Main

2. Chilling Plant Quenching

3. Compressor Room and Equipment including Ventilation exhaust

4. Emission Controls

5. Store Receiving and warehouse dispatch

6. Gas Certification

7. Fire control systems

8. Cooling Towers

9. Roof extractor fans

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